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This is a great smoothie for breakfast - and sometimes dinner! You can substitute the orange juice with any mix of juices or even soy milk! The soy milk adds. My favorite purple smoothie is made up of berries, bananas, beets, red But no matter what fruits/veggies/yogurts you make them with, these. Prunes, plums, beets, and blueberries give this nutrition-packed purple smoothie its beautiful hue and great flavor. Get blending!

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Purple fruit fruit smoothie Enjoy it yourself or share with your favorite person depending on how hungry you are. Goji berries are full of Vitamin C, antioxidants, and carotenoids, which have been linked to an increased lifespan. However, to reap the benefits of purple power and the beneficial anthocyanins they include, do your best to include at least three purple ingredients — other possibilities include purple carrots, cauliflower and cabbage, blackberries and blackcurrants, black grapes and cherries. The same reasoning applies to what you put into your body via your mouth. More about Eating by Elaine. In addition to being purple fruit fruit smoothie of the oldest cultivated crops in the world dating back ancient Egypt and Chinaflaxseed is full of healthy Omega-3s, and has been shown to improve blood sugar and glycemic control.


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The more colors, the happier I am. Eating the broad spectrum of colors will help make sure you are getting the nutritional benefits of each color group. Of all cruciferous vegetables, collard greens are best at helping to lower cholesterol, and pair beautifully with banana and walnuts to smooth everything. Kumquats are a small tart citrus fruit native to south Asia and the Asia Pacific region. I am a new vegetarian, and an avid smoothie fan. Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, another antioxidant that helps jumpstart the metabolism to aid in detoxification. Mangos are rich in vitamin A, a vitamin that directly impacts the health of skin, and are also full of antioxidants.


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